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Benefits of Acupuncture

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 “My 16 year old daughter suffered from debilitating cluster migraines. Keisha found the right combination of Acupuncture, cupping and Chinese medicine. My daughter, now 19, is living a happy and healthy life!” Paula L. 

Acupuncture has successfully helped manage: Pain – Chronic and Acute (Musculoskeletal), Headaches, Neuropathy, Arthritis Respiratory – Allergies, Asthma, Colds/Flu Digestive – IBS, Crohn’s, Acid Reflux Women’s Health – Dysmenorrhea, Menopausal issues, PMS, Fibroids, PCOS Acne, Autoimmune Disorders, Fatigue, Insomnia 

 “I suffered for years with horrible night sweating and nothing I tried helped. With only 3 acupuncture treatments, my symptoms completely stopped! It even helped with my anxiety!” Mary W.